Kristina Etter   |   December 05, 2018

High-Tech Cannabis Grow Systems Simplify Homegrown

Just in time for Christmas! High-tech grow systems take the guesswork out of growing quality cannabis at home.
Before becoming a freelance cannabis journalist, Kristina Etter spent 20 years in corporate IT with a niche in mobile technology. Today, she combines her love of technology with a passion for the cannabis industry as the Editorial Content…

Many states allowing legal cannabis also permit patients and residents to grow a certain number of plants for personal use. For many medical patients, being able to produce their medicines dramatically reduces cost and increases their control over their own plants. However, learning how to grow a quality crop potent in beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes isn’t always as easy as it may seem.

Just as the refrigerator changed the way people shopped and the microwave altered the way people cook, cannabis grow appliances could revolutionize the way people grow cannabis. Two companies are ahead of the market, and CannabisTech had the opportunity to ask both companies about the future of home-grown cannabis technology.

Cloudponics GroBox

As the first company to start shipping an all-in-one cannabis grow closet, Cloudponics shipped their first appliances in early 2017. The Cloudponics GroBox intends to simplify the growing process, guide the grower, and provide a community of growers for support and encouragement. According to company co-founder and Chief Products Officer, Nico Ruiz, “People are growing great plants on their first try, without the learning curve most of us have to go through.”

Just short of six feet tall, the physical structure of the cabinet may look like a futuristic refrigerator, but the technology inside sets this grow box apart. To see the GroBox in action at MJBizCon, check out this video of Nico on Instagram.

Integrated Technology

With the Cloudponics GroBox, the system ships as a complete set including the wifi-enabled cabinet, Black Dog LED lighting, and the GroControl controller system which controls every aspect of the automated grow system. Plus, the included Cloudponics App, not only allows the grower to manage, monitor, and secure their plants, but it guides the user through each phase of growth with the help of artificial intelligence and expert cultivation knowledge.

The Cabinet

The cabinet provides the room to grow up to six plants and includes all the equipment and supplies necessary to get your crop started including circulation and extraction fans, water and nutrient reservoirs, as well as, aeroponic irrigation and fresh water pumps. More than a simple enclosure, the cabinet is integrated with technology including ten intelligent sensors which monitor pH levels, humidity, airflow, lighting, temperature, and even nutrient levels. Also, the cabinet also includes a carbon filter for odor control and discretion.

The artificial intelligence software included with the system will control everything. Once the process has begun, all the user must do is refill the water reservoir every 3-4 weeks. The built-in AI and app does all the rest and even keeps the grower notified if something goes wrong.

The App

The smartphone app which comes included with the Cloudponics GroBox makes growing cannabis simple, even for the novice. With a crowd-sourced database of more than 80 strain-specific grow recipes, the grower simply chooses the strain, and the app automatically adjusts the parameters of the environment to set the ideal conditions for that particular strain.

As the plants grow, the task reminder provides the grower with simple, easy-to-follow instructions any time the plant needs a little human intervention to optimize it’s potential. Additionally, the app allows the grower to monitor the grow from anywhere and even securing the plants with a remote lock.

The Results

Ruiz mentioned during the interview; lab results are yielding as much as 16 oz. per grow, while consumer reported yields are reaching around 12 oz. per grow. Ruiz stated, “With many of our clients being first time growers or older patients with medical conditions, we want to simplify their lives, and make the app [and the process] as simple as possible.”

The Armoire BioChamber by Green Goddess

Another ready-to-ship cannabis grow chamber is available through Green Goddess Supply and solves one additional concern many cannabis growers struggle with - discretion. Understanding that no one wants to have an unsightly tent, or “industrial appliance” sitting in his or her living room, Green Goddess Supply considered aesthetics when designing their grow cabinet.

The Armoire, disguised as a beautiful piece of furniture, is available in four finishes to match any home décor or style. In speaking with Eric Robichaud, CEO of Green Goddess Supply he mentioned, “I have one sitting in my living room, and no one has any idea what’s inside.”

He laughed, “I even have photos of it sitting next to our Christmas tree!”

Beyond the Exterior

We all know beauty is only skin deep, it’s what’s inside that matters. Robichaud stated, “We are focused on results where it’s not just a cabinet. We put this together, inspired by our president Vincent, who is a master grower and cannabis consultant, and it’s all about creating a better final result for our users.”

Like the aforementioned system, The Armoire components work together to form a complete system with a specific protocol to help make the process easier for the consumer. By eliminating as many variables as possible, the cabinet allows novice growers a quality cannabis crop every time. In fact, some results are showing yields as high as a quarter of a pound in as little as 60 days with certain strains. In general, Robichaud said the average grower could expect five to six ounces per plant every 60 days.

Involving Community

Again, Green Goddess also recognizes the grower’s desire to connect with a community and learn from each other, as such the integrated camera inside the cabinet allows pictures to be uploaded to Instagram or Facebook and the company offers several social groups to collaborate with other Armoire owners all over the world.

Whichever cannabis grow system suits your style, technology like this can help improve the quality of your homegrown marijuana, provide higher yields, and create the perfect conditions for growing regardless of your climate. Additionally, they keep your plants safe and secure, out of the hands of children or would-be thieves.



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