Stephanie Piantanida   |   April 06, 2018

A Safer and Cleaner Extract

One US-based company has developed vapor extraction technology in an effort to efficiently and cost-effectively produce products that are on a par with pharmaceuticals.
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When it comes to cannabis, the United States remains a world leader; whether it be in cannabis reform, industry expansion or technological advancements. The demands of the consumer further validate the development and success of state programs. In the US, the recreational and medicinal markets have developed various types of consumers; recreational users whose purchasing habits are more exploratory, and medicinal users, with more sophisticated product demands for their chosen therapeutic courses of treatment.

Within the medicinal market, users are seeking out the newest, most technologically advanced products. Now, instead of settling for treatment methods such as smoking flower or consuming gummies, there is a demand for safer, more controlled and consistent products. Often, users experience varied effects, especially upon using various extracts. Current extraction techniques used by processors not only may create health risks for consumers, but depending on the method of extraction, products may vary in potency, flavor, and cost.


CannRx Technology, Inc.

Medicinal users have developed a more pharmaceutical approach when using cannabis as a course of treatment. Consistency, dosing, availability and potential health risks are all factors that medicinal users and producers must keep in mind. As for producers, some companies are taking this insight and working to develop pharmaceutical-grade products that can meet the specific needs of the user, as well as market demand. One company that is doing as such is CannRx Technology, Inc. Based out of Delaware, CannRx is a developer of high-quality pharmaceutical-grade medicinal cannabis products through the implementation of their patented technology.

This image is courtesy of CannRx Technolgies Inc.

To further their effort to produce technologically advanced products, CannRx partnered with Israeli-based Izun Pharmaceuticals, a company with proven success in creating botanical-based healthcare products. Together, CannRx and Izun are leveraging the potential of cannabis through their patented technology and botanical expertise. Jointly, they have filed six patents for unique cannabis delivery systems. One proprietary method of cannabis extraction that has developed was just shown for the first time at the CannaTech Conference in Israel earlier this month. This new method can quantify the biological effect of a plant's constituents as they function within the plant. In other words, CannRx has developed a method of extraction that is safer concerning production and consumption than the widely-popular BHO and CO2, as well as maximized cannabinoid profile potential in that process.


Vapor Capture Technology

This new patented technology, known as Vapor Capture Technology (VCT), creates clean, activated and full-spectrum profiles, thus providing safer and higher-quality extracts than anything else currently available on the market. In addition to the producing such a high-quality product, the process of using the VCT is notably efficient. The extraction process takes only a swift single run and produces a high yield of activated cannabinoids into a fully-water soluble extract. Using their CannTrrap technology, CannRx can turn that extract into powder, for use in a multitude of products.

This image is courtesy of CannRX Technologies Inc.


VCT - How Does It Work?

Using patented and proprietary technology, the VCT vaporizes or combusts, the cannabis raw material. During this part of the process, digitally-controlled and specific heating elements deliberately target vaporization points of the plant, resulting in different cannabinoid combinations to be utilized when developing products to tackle various medical conditions. The vapor is then processed to recapture the activated cannabis molecules, then passes to the solubilization unit, where it is dissolved into a liquid and stored for further processing. The VCT process produces a cannabinoid profile that almost identically replicates the cannabinoid profiles achieved through smoking or vaporizing. Also, the VCT process is not dependent upon further heating, as are other extracts.


The Future of CannRx's Technologies

Through VCT and other patented technologies, such as CannTrrap, CannRx is positioning itself to become a market leader in medicinal cannabis products. Their pharmaceutical approach to product development makes them unique to the market. Through this approach, Cann Rx strives to provide consistency and predictability of doses, define the profile of the product composition and optimize dosing administration. Their products are aimed at being more potent, but also delivering precise and consistent dosing, which is critical for medicinal users.

Later this year, CannRx intends to launch clinical trials for their first products developed for the market. CannRx's scientific approach to their cannabis products makes them highly differentiated in the market. They are creating scientifically-advanced, clinically tested products to target and tackle medical conditions in safe, consistent methods. If clinical trials are successful, CannRx first products, designed for pain and sleep disorders, should hit the market in 2018.



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