Jennifer Germano   |   Sep 11, 2018

Keeping up with Regulatory Changes

Summertime in Colorado is known for a vast selection of experiences for the everyday tourist, locals, and someone like myself, a weekend warrior. There are so many things happening at any given moment in our state to indulge in. However, for some of us, summertime in Colorado also represents regulation implementation dates. Such as July 1, as it seems almost every summer there is a new packaging or labeling rule to adhere to and the beginning of Colorado’s State licensing authority summer rule-making sessions.

Editorial Team   |   Sep 08, 2018

What Does Hemp Biomass Actually Mean?

A veteran executive of both the biomass and hemp industry blasted the use of the term “biomass” by the nescient hemp industry during an interview with Cannabis Tech Media.

Christine Comatos   |   Sep 05, 2018

LIVE WEBCAST: Cannabinoid Extract Purification with FCPC

Please join our host Ellis Smith and special guest Dr. Nikos Xynos of Rousselet Robatel Kromaton, for this very informative webcast on an interesting approach to refining and isolating pure fractions of cannabinoids by sequentially applying centrifugal separation, extraction, and purification technologies.

Alexander Makowski   |   Aug 30, 2018

The Importance of Process Engineering

“An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure” – Benjamin Franklin

Kristina Etter   |   Aug 30, 2018

Leveraging IPM to Grow a Safe, Compliant, and High-Yielding Cannabis Crop

Pest control is a significant concern in the cannabis industry and not all pest solutions are created equally. In this webcast, Todd Statzer and Ellis Smith walk us through some of the critical factors to set up a successful IPM program.

Kristina Etter   |   Aug 27, 2018

The New Frontier – Transitioning to Cannabis

Learn why this is an industry where people of all walks of life can be utilized

Jessica McKeil   |   Aug 24, 2018

Cannabis Cultivation for the Space Age: Automated Crop Logistic and Robotics

Cannabis cultivation is permeated with technological innovations for a future that is closer than people think

Kristina Etter   |   Aug 21, 2018

GrowUp Hackathon – A Place Where Cannabis and Technology Bloom

Merging cannabis with coding, developers are converging in Toronto to meet the Trellis challenge and impress a panel of judges.

Scott Whipkey   |   Aug 20, 2018

The Green Rush for Talent

Currently the United States cannabis industry employs roughly 125,000 people and is projected to grow to over 400,000 by 2021. The $10 billion market is expected to grow to $40 billion in that same span, which would make it the fastest growing industry in the country at nearly 400%.

Bryan Sherman   |   Aug 16, 2018

Cultivation cost control: The competitive advantage

How to reduce operating cost and improve quality and consistency with the same dime. It doesn’t cost more to do it properly.

Marguerite Arnold   |   Aug 15, 2018

How The Start-up Nation Is Revolutionizing The Cannabis Industry

Israelis are a people who have learned to do more, with less.

Editorial Team   |   Aug 14, 2018

Cultivate Your Cannabis Knowledge: Interview with Shellene Suemori

It's not uncommon these days to see former chemists and molecular biologists move from the pharmaceutical industry into cannabis. It's just a logical next step into a growing sector. But to see a former NASA funded scientist, like for Shellene Suemori, move into cannabis, is an interesting move.

Dr S Prem Mathi Maran   |   Aug 09, 2018

Low Temperature Short Contact Distillation Path

Extraction of phytochemicals from herbs is important to enhance the commercial value of any herb, especially cannabis.

Jessica McKeil   |   Aug 08, 2018

CMTREX: A Gateway to the Global Cannabis and Hemp Trade

Saul Singer, the co-founder, and CEO of CMTREX sat down with CannabisTech to discuss the rapid evolution of the cannabis marketplace.

Kristina Etter   |   Aug 06, 2018

From College Grads to Environmental Heroes

James Eichner and Ron Basak-Smith, like many other grad students at the University of Colorado-Boulder, worked as a team on a class project in Sustainable Venturing and Business Plan Development in the Fall of 2016. While many grad school projects never materialize past graduation, Eichner and Basak-Smith’s vision blossomed into real opportunity – not only for themselves, but an opportunity for the hemp industry, cannabis retail, the American farmer, and the environment.

Mark Doherty   |   Aug 02, 2018

Designing a Water Reclamation System for Indoor and Greenhouse Facilities

Whatever the method, implementing comprehensive water management provides huge advantages.

Kristina Etter   |   Aug 01, 2018

Where Science Takes Over

A conversation with Dr. Douglas Jorgensen of New England Sport and Spine

Jessica McKeil   |   Jul 30, 2018

OLEDs Moving from Television Screens to Cannabis Grow Ops

Low heat and energy efficient lighting could dramatically change how we farm cannabis.

Kristina Etter   |   Jul 27, 2018

DIY Cannabis Innovation for Consumers

Home cultivators and patients alike have a promising future in cannabis technology as more companies like ExtractCraft and Oblend emerge to provide high-end, advanced technology solutions which make processing and consuming cannabis cheaper and more efficient.

Kristina Etter   |   Jul 25, 2018

AgriTask Empowers Farmers with Technology

A thoughtful conversation with Omri Krikeb, the Director of Agricultural Innovations at AgriTask

Jessica McKeil   |   Jul 25, 2018

Cannabis Aquaponics: Green Relief Is the First of Its Kind in North America

Big things are happening in the rolling landscape surrounding the industrial city of Hamilton, Ontario. In a 30,000ft subterranean bunker, partially hidden from view thanks to its living grass roof, Green Relief is growing medical marijuana using aquaponics.

Kristina Etter   |   Jul 20, 2018

Capital, Crowdfunding, and Cannabis

Recent changes in crowdfunding investment rules, namely regulation CF and A+ offerings, open promising opportunities and are creating quite the stir in the legal cannabis market.

kyle moffitt   |   Jul 19, 2018

Turn Up the Volume with Vertical Cultivation

Kyle Moffitt makes the case for the efficiency and long term gains of growing vertically

Editorial Team   |   Jul 18, 2018

GoFire SMART Vaporizer and App: Finding the Perfect Dose

Rob Neely interviews Peter Calfee, CEO of GoFire, about the company’s high tech vaporizer and associated app to be introduced to the market in late August, after three and a half years of development.

Amber Bacca   |   Jul 18, 2018

7 Best Practices for Effective Cannabis Compliance Programs

Implementing the correct procedures will not only help you excel when it comes to compliance, but will create resiliency for your business.

Carl Lehrburger   |   Jul 13, 2018

Cloning Agricultural Hemp with Carell

This month on Ask A Hempster, Carell heads to a Boulder Colorado hemp farm to visit with Andrew Purnell, Master Grower.  Andrew explains the difficulty of growing from seed in the field and provides an overview of the preferred cloning method.

Ellis Smith   |   Jul 12, 2018

On-Demand Webcast: Cannabis Micropropagation

Want to learn more about cannabis micropropagation?

Kristina Etter   |   Jul 09, 2018

Evolution of Ethanol Extraction

Learn how a break through at Capna Fabrication might change the future of ethanol in cannabis extraction.

Kristina Etter   |   Jul 05, 2018

Engineering in the Cannabis Industry

Regardless of the product, when a new industry emerges, opportunities arise for early adopters to jump into highly rewarding positions in an exciting new field. With industries as promising as cannabis and hemp, many people are finding new ways to incorporate skills and expertise, learned from more mainstream industries, to forge a new path during the early days of the Green Rush.

Kristina Etter   |   Jul 02, 2018

The Next Level of Cannabinoid Research

A rare peek behind the curtain at MedPharm’s cultivation, processing, and research facility.

Ellis Smith   |   Jul 01, 2018

How to Create A Culture of Compliance

Learn how to create a culture of compliance for your organization by joining us for this LIVE Q&A session on Oct 3rd @ 11:00 am Mountain.

Kristina Etter   |   Jun 29, 2018

Portable Analyzers for Better Quality Assurance

Not only will large marijuana businesses be required to provide more data, the small, artisanal growers will need to as well.

Jessica McKeil   |   Jun 27, 2018

Patent Pending: The Future of Intellectual Property Rights in Cannabis

Why it is important for cannabis producers, cultivators, and entrepreneurs to take a multifaceted approach.

Jessica McKeil   |   Jun 26, 2018

An Exploration of Short Path Distillation of Cannabis

Distillation becomes another invaluable step towards a better understanding of individual cannabinoids.

Kristina Etter   |   Jun 21, 2018

Driving Toward a Greener Future with Hemp Biofuels

Fossil fuel experts declare oil production is more limited than people realize, as an older alternative emerges new.

Jessica McKeil   |   Jun 20, 2018

The Future of Profiling Cannabis

In this interview, Matt Sampson describes how the market trend is shifting towards refinement and more nuanced cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

Stephanie Piantanida   |   Jun 18, 2018

Playing the Long Game: Interview with Greg Gamet

CannabisTech was able to speak with cannabis entrepreneur Greg Gamet about the ins and outs of today's cannabis industry. In 2017, Greg was awarded the Cannabis Industry Compliance Executive of the Year and currently serves as Chief Cannabis Officer at Gold Flora, located in Desert Hot Springs, California. Join us, as we discuss Greg's path to where he is today, and where he sees the cannabis industry headed.

Kenzie Nelligan   |   Jun 15, 2018

How to Grow Cannabis Post Legalization

Understanding the basics when considering your own home grow

Stephanie Piantanida   |   Jun 13, 2018

Achieving Success Through Automation

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, leaving many companies struggling for success, automation has gained growing popularity. Companies are finding that through automation, they can achieve precision, effectiveness and increased profit margins.

Kristina Etter   |   Jun 13, 2018

Brewing Innovation in the Cannabis Industry

This is not your Daddy’s beer. Province Brands developed their own patent-pending process to create the worlds first beer from cannabis itself.

Jessica McKeil   |   Jun 11, 2018

Consumer Tracking and Analytics Moving to Cannabis Retailers

Cannabis retailers are often left out when it comes to innovations within the industry.

Tim Youngblood   |   Jun 06, 2018

OSRAM Positioned to be the Leading Horticultural Solutions Provider

Osram, the semiconductor manufacturer, sees horticultural lighting as a big part of their future. Will we see more acquisitions like this soon?

Jessica McKeil   |   Jun 05, 2018

Mastering VPD Control for Plentiful Harvests

Why should cannabis growers concern themselves with vapor pressure deficit (VPD) in their grow operation? It is an interesting approach, and while it is definitely an advanced environmental measurement technique, it's worth exploring for indoor grow rooms.

Ellis Smith   |   Jun 04, 2018

47 Answers To Your Ultrasonic Liquid Processing Questions

During last month's live webcast, our host Ellis Smith and guest Alexey Peshkovsky, Ph.D., President of Industrial Sonomechanics, answered as many questions as time allowed. The following are answers to the remaining 47!

Marguerite Arnold   |   May 31, 2018

Cannabis Global Q2 Roundup

Approaching midyear, what are some observations on the cannabis industry from a global perspective for 2018

Jessica McKeil   |   May 29, 2018

Can Your Phone Tell If You Are High? The Future of Mobile Sobriety Testing

On the eve of legalization in Canada, there are still many questions swirling around field sobriety tests for cannabis. Just like in other jurisdictions with recreational cannabis, regional police forces are trying to grapple with roadside cannabis intoxication without a federally approved breathalyzer-style test.

Kristina Etter   |   May 24, 2018

The Ripple Effect of BlockStrain Technology

Blockchain technology is best known in the cannabis industry for its implications to the financial sector and the possibilities it presents to get around the red tape of cannabis banking. However, blockchain technology may also present a multitude of possibilities for the agricultural aspects of the industry as well.

Joe Powers   |   May 23, 2018

Emerging Hemp Technologies & Machinery

Large-scale Hemp production technology and equipment begin with processing and decortication.

Kristina Etter   |   May 21, 2018

Enhancing Cannabis Grows: CO2 Foliar Spray

In a recent press release, CO2 Gro Inc., formerly Blue Ocean Nutrasciences, announced it is moving closer to gaining approval for use of its patented CO2 Foliar Spray by Canadian Licensed Producers (LP) of cannabis. The recent decision by Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory agency declares the product does not meet the definition of a pesticide according to the Pest Control Products Act.

Kris Sibley   |   May 17, 2018

Why the Cannabis Industry Needs to Think Tomorrow, Rather Than Today

It’s 2018 and after decades of vehemently persecuting marijuana production, nearly thirty states have legalized the controversial plant in one way or another. A booming demand for regulated and reliable marijuana products has opened new revenue streams within the agricultural industry, but this profit wave has not flowed without its own unique set of regulatory hurdles.

Amber Bacca   |   May 14, 2018

11 Reasons to Go Digital with your Compliance Documents

The cannabis industry moves fast. Licensed business owners and their employees are expected to move even faster when it comes to keeping up with myriad burdensome compliance requirements. The industry itself is one of the most regulated currently in existence. In an effort to keep tabs on cannabis businesses; state, local, and some federal regulatory agencies expect us to create and utilize countless specific documents. We can also expect such agencies to request reviews of these items when necessary and at their whim.

Marguerite Arnold   |   May 11, 2018

The Battle Over Medical Vapes In Europe

The international battle for medical vapes has now begun in earnest. For those who were unaware of the impending skirmish, the details of this showdown at the vape version of the OK Corral are also nuanced.

Jessica McKeil   |   May 10, 2018

Smart Grow Apps

Long gone are the days of cannabis farmers scribbling eligible notes on stained notepads in the grow room, today there is a growing marketplace of community-driven, expert-developed grow applications for mobile devices. Now, thanks to recent advancements in cloud-based technology, and our growing obsession with mobile technologies, a cultivator can see everything they need to know about their crop all in one place.

Jessica McKeil   |   May 09, 2018

High-Density Sense and Control Solutions

Taking grow room sensor technology to the next logical step, Urban Gro recently launched a new innovative solution for managing grow room environmental conditions via the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. Soleil Technologies incorporates low power sensor products and SaaS technology to provide growers with detailed and timely data about their operation.

Tim Youngblood   |   May 08, 2018

Can Mobile Games Actually Help Cannabis Growers?

How sophisticated are cannabis farming simulator games for mobile devices? Depends on which games you're playing.

Marguerite Arnold   |   May 06, 2018

MedPayRX: blockchain-based insurance and banking solution

In Germany, the law now says that all health insurance companies have to pick up the tab for medical cannabis. But there is a procedural and scientific process to establish as the country mainstreams cannabis.

Editorial Team   |   May 03, 2018

Meet the Woman that Changed CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s Mind about Cannabis

You may have seen Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s series about cannabis on CNN. He was at one time a critic of marijuana, but in a widely publicized article, “Why I Changed My Mind on Weed,” he wrote: “I traveled around the world to interview medical leaders, experts, growers and patients. I spoke candidly to them, asking tough questions. What I found was stunning.”

Editorial Team   |   May 02, 2018

Employee Health & Safety/OSHA Compliance for the Cannabis Industry

Did you know that you could be required to pay a fine as large as $129,336 for a single OSHA Violation? Although we haven't seen many OSHA Inspectors in our licensed cannabis facilities at this point, that is about to change.

Joe Powers   |   May 01, 2018

3D Printing “Hemp” Rockets Drones, & MUCH More…

Is it even possible to 3d print with hemp?

Marguerite Arnold   |   Apr 30, 2018

What Does The Average German Cannabis Patient Look Like?

Part II of II: One of the biggest reasons that integration of cannabis is not going smoothly in Germany (besides an outrageous price still driven by supply chain inefficiencies, bureaucracy, and imports). MS is the only on-label condition that more or less automatically gets insurance coverage for cannabis. Everyone else has to rely on their doctor’s ability to persuade insurers to cover a stigmatized, trial-to-mainstreaming drug for conditions that range from ADD to cancer.

Jessica McKeil   |   Apr 28, 2018

Commercialization of Hemp-based Bioplastics

True commercialization of hemp-based plastics could be just around the corner in North America. Hemp is experiencing a revolution, its popularity as a raw material has exploded in recent years thanks to deregulation of hemp in the United States and the growing acceptance of the cannabis sativa plant family as a whole.

Stephanie Piantanida   |   Apr 27, 2018

Name Brands in the Cannabis Industry

A recent collaboration between Hewlett-Packard and Flowhub has sparked excitement across the industry and has many wondering what the entrance of brand names could mean for the industry.

Marguerite Arnold   |   Apr 24, 2018

The Awakening Of The German Cannabis Market

Part I of II: It is not news anymore in the United States that the cannabis reform that kicked up the conversation at the state level just four years ago has now gone global. Canada’s recreational market which will begin this summer, nationally, has already demonstrated that what started in the U.S. states (if not Holland before that) is now a world-wide movement if not legit industry.

Jessica McKeil   |   Apr 22, 2018

Cannabis Tissue Culture 101

Tissue culture cultivation represents a transformative approach to propagation in the cannabis industry. The science of tissue culture (TC) was commercialized roughly four decades ago and is widely used across agricultural sectors. Until recently, the technology had not been adopted by the marijuana industry, perhaps due to a lack of knowledge sharing between industries or the long history legal barriers. Today, the popularity of TC in the cannabis sector is a far different story.

Stephanie Piantanida   |   Apr 20, 2018

A Greener Green Part 3: CO2 Emissions

With the massive energy consumption of the cannabis industry comes the eminent emission of CO2. This output is posing a challenge for states with goals to reduce their greenhouse emissions and create sustainable cannabis programs.

Todd Statzer   |   Apr 17, 2018

Leveraging IPM to Create the World’s Safest Horticulture Products

Among the many misconceptions the general public has regarding the Cannabis industry, few could be more inaccurate than the fear of contamination by pesticides and other dangerous chemicals that many falsely believe are used to maximize yields. On the contrary, stringent compliance laws from the states, strong cooperation from the industry to maintain compliance, as well as the advanced strategies used by today's growers actually ensure that Cannabis is among the safest horticultural products in the world.

Joe Powers   |   Apr 17, 2018

A Look at Eight Hemp Technologies

New hemp technologies are becoming available more and more each day. Due to the increased demand and LONG history of practical use, hemp is making its way back into the center of society. As research continues to develop new and interesting applications, we are beginning to see hemp appear in exciting and unexpected industries.

Kristina Etter   |   Apr 16, 2018

Low Spark: The Nation’s First Cannabis Distributor

In the infancy stages of any new industry, the opportunities for entrepreneurs, pioneers, and risk-takers are unprecedented. The cannabis industry is no exception. Ty Duffy, the founder of Low Spark Incorporated, is one such individual who saw an opportunity to flourish in the cannabis industry. Grasping the ancillary business market and providing a much-needed to cannabis business, Mr. Duffy has grown his one-man operation into a robust, high-tech solution with dozens of employees and hundreds of clients.

Kristina Etter   |   Apr 14, 2018

Taking Cash Out of The Equation

PayQwick's eCommerce solution and Safe Harbor Private Banking, partner to bring more integrity, security, and most importantly, safety to the cannabis industry.

Stephanie Piantanida   |   Apr 13, 2018

Inside Phat Panda

In this episode of Canna Cribs, viewers get a look inside Grow Op Farms, LLC Phat Panda facility in Spokane, Washington.

Jessica McKeil   |   Apr 11, 2018

Dynamic Supplemental Sunlight for Your Grow Facility

John Perricone and Jonathan Cachat, PhD, co-founders of SunGrown Zero, aim to completely upend the current industry standards in cannabis related energy consumption.

Bryan Sherman   |   Apr 09, 2018

Environmental Control of Cannabis Cultivation

Precise Control with Half the Energy

Carl Lehrburger   |   Apr 07, 2018

Ask A Hempster: 2018 NoCo Hemp Expo

The 2018 NoCo Hemp Expo was packed! We caught up with Carell, while attendees had an opportunity to ask the Hempster their questions about the hemp industry.

Stephanie Piantanida   |   Apr 06, 2018

A Safer and Cleaner Extract

One US-based company has developed vapor extraction technology in an effort to efficiently and cost-effectively produce products that are on a par with pharmaceuticals.

Ellis Smith   |   Apr 06, 2018

Bringing Cleanliness to the Forefront of Cannabis

American Cannabis host, Ellis Smith, was joined by guest, Steven McMorrow, President and Founder of Cannabis Clean, to discuss how facilities in the cannabis industry can prevent contamination and protect their product, patients, and team.

Stephanie Piantanida   |   Apr 03, 2018

A Greener Green Part 2: Water Consumption and Innovation

As legalization is on the rise in the US, water consumption has become a concern for the cannabis industry, especially in Western states.

Stephanie Piantanida   |   Apr 01, 2018

How to Make 99% Pure CBD Crystals

Henry Vincenty, Founder and CEO of Endoca, teaches the basics of chromatography, and how it is used to create pure cannabis crystals.

Seth Swanson   |   Mar 29, 2018

Understanding the Key Drivers of Cannabis Growth Essential To Optimizing Production

Over the millennia, farmers have come to understand much of the science behind plant biology—the roles water, nutrients and sunlight each play in successful crop yields. Yet for all this knowledge, they’ve remained subject to the whims of nature; too much or too little rainfall, for instance, could spell disaster.

Stephanie Piantanida   |   Mar 27, 2018

Conducting Quality Control Inside The Lab

Henry Vincenty, Founder and CEO of Endoca, shows us different levels and methods of conducting quality control in a lab.

Kristina Etter   |   Mar 25, 2018

UCLA Cannabis Research Initiative

For the last several decades, cannabis research in the United States has been severely restricted. Despite the growing movement for legalization, federal restrictions on the research of Schedule I substances have effectively prevented research facilities and universities from studying the plant. However, emboldened and driven by the newly legal, recreational market of California, UCLA is pioneering academia into a new era of cannabis research.

Jessica McKeil   |   Mar 22, 2018

Cleanroom Technology for Cannabis

Regulation is coming to the medical marijuana industry, and when it does many producers may find themselves lagging behind, struggling to meet the new industry-wide standards. Many experts are expecting federal regulation in the future, from the likes of the Food and Drug Administration, which will require medical marijuana to adhere to strict protocols. Although cleanrooms may not be the required practice now, the cannabis industry is almost certainly headed in that direction.

Stephanie Piantanida   |   Mar 19, 2018

A Greener Green Part 1: Energy Consumption

States and businesses across the industry are taking the initiative to produce more sustainable and energy-efficient cannabis to reduce their environmental footprint.

Jessica McKeil   |   Mar 17, 2018

Plant Tattoo Sensors to Compile Microenvironment Data

Imagine real-time water sensors, pulling instantaneous water consumption data directly from the cannabis crop. The future isn’t as far away as one might think, at least according to new research published in the December 2017 issue of Advanced Materials Technologies.

Stephanie Piantanida   |   Mar 14, 2018

The Rise of Industrial Hemp

Hemp companies are on the rise and positioning themselves for exponential demand and industrial expansion in the next few years.

Jessica McKeil   |   Mar 13, 2018

A Solution for the Growing Cannabis Waste Problem

Waste management is a crucial step in the cannabis production process, but a step that rarely receives the attention it deserves. Licensed growers across the U.S. and Canada must meet many municipal and regional waste disposal laws, as cannabis waste isn't as simple as a quick trip to the local landfill, or an easy composting bin.

Kristina Etter   |   Mar 11, 2018

Nano-Technology Brings Precision to Cannabis

With unlimited potential in the emerging cannabis industry, many companies outside the industry are starting to take notice and make a huge impact on product innovation. NanoSphere Health Sciences is one such company.

Jessica McKeil   |   Mar 07, 2018

Design, Compliance and Optimization for Extraction

Jim Lieberman didn’t plan to get into the cannabis industry when he graduated from the University of Richmond with a B.A. in chemistry. But, years later, looking back on his colorful journey through water treatment, nuclear & hazardous materials management into the oil & gas industry and pharmaceutical industry - his experiences amalgamated perfectly into the founding of THC Safety, Inc.

Kristina Etter   |   Mar 06, 2018

The Politics of Cannabis

This week on Ask a Hempster, Carell had the opportunity to talk with Todd Mitchem, one of the founders of Dacorum Strategies, which is working to change public policy relating to cannabis. In his own words, Mitchem described Dacorum as reasonable, clear voices to help move cannabis initiatives forward at local, state and federal levels.

Kristina Etter   |   Mar 03, 2018

Achieving Ultimate Purity With Short-Path Distillation

Distillation in itself is nothing new. Distillation is used in many chemical engineering processes, and people have been distilling alcohol for centuries. Now, distilling cannabis oil is gaining ground and redefining quality, potency, and purity.

Stephanie Piantanida   |   Mar 01, 2018

RF Technology to Kill Cannabis Pathogens

Cultivators are successfully using radio frequency technology to ensure they are meeting regulatory requirements for microbial contaminants.

Joe Powers   |   Mar 01, 2018

Hemp Rockets & Electricity!

Why isn't Elon Musk using hemp, yet? Rockets require electricity for critical functions to operate computers and other various parts requiring electrical power. Other basic rocketry parts requiring electricity including; communication devices, lighting, light-support and countless more.

Kristina Etter   |   Mar 01, 2018

BioTrackTHC – Simplified Solutions in a Complex Industry

BioTrackTHC has always been in the business of compliance and tracking. Although they started with a product designed to help reel in the opiate prescribing problem in Florida, known as Bio-Script, Colorado cannabis businesses expressed a need, and the company began to pivot their product to meet the stringent compliance and tracking requirements of cannabis. 

Tim Youngblood   |   Feb 27, 2018

Blockchain for Medical Cannabis Data

Global Cannabis Applications and SciCann, an Israeli pharmaceutical research company are teaming up to bring medical cannabis data to a decentralized blockchain.

Editorial Team   |   Feb 26, 2018

High Tech Cannabis Careers

Engineering and Science are inherently cross-disciplinary and many of the opportunities with-in the cannabis industry require cross-disciplinary approaches.

Editorial Team   |   Feb 23, 2018

The Discovery of the Cannabis Genome

While scientific discoveries in the cannabis industry are still in their infancy stage, the discovery of the cannabis genome map has the potential to impact the entire seed-to-sale industry and beyond.

Jessica McKeil   |   Feb 21, 2018

Innovations in Machine Trimming

Gary Fast, a longtime member of the sales team at Triminator, speaks about the growing pressure on farmers to implement cost-saving measures. From what Fast has seen, in competitive markets, it's getting more and more challenging for producers to turn a profit.

Editorial Team   |   Feb 17, 2018

The Use of GMOs in the Cannabis Industry

Although the use of GMOs in the industry is currently just a discussion, it still sparks debate on the potential positive and negative effects GMOs could have, and questions the overall direction the industry is heading.

Kristina Etter   |   Feb 15, 2018

NACB: Reining in the Wild West

The current environment surrounding legal cannabis is riddled with inconsistencies, often being referred to as the “Wild West.” From state to state, not only does the legality of cannabis vary, so do the regulations and standards for cannabis businesses. To rein in these inconsistencies and provide the Federal Government with necessary assurances of high standards, Joshua Laterman founded the National Association of Cannabis Business (NACB) to address national standards and policy.

Editorial Team   |   Feb 14, 2018

Canna Cribs: Glass House Farms, CA

In this Growers Spotlight, Hunter Wilson of Growers Network interviews Graham, a partner in a cultivation center dubbed the “Glass House,” located in Southern California.

Kristina Etter   |   Feb 14, 2018

Automation, Control, Consistency

While it’s no secret, consistency is key to producing a quality cannabis crop with the maximum yield possible, maintaining consistency can be challenging as the business grows. Last week, during the Seed to Sale show in Denver, urban-gro received the Excellence in Technology award for their high-density, sense and control technology called Soleil – a data collection marvel in the future agricultural technology which aims to eliminate human error and create unprecedented consistency in grow rooms regardless of size.