Adele Worsley   |   Oct 12, 2018

New Technologies Help Cannabis Business Meet Compliance

Testing requirements and regulations are continuing to pinch many California cannabis producers. Emerald Test and Labvantage are two companies stepping up to help the industry get testing standards under control.

Genifer Murray   |   Oct 11, 2018

Kadence International Survey Says Cannabis Consumers Not So Different

In this Cultivate webcast, Genifer Murray sits down with Miriam Konz, Managing Director for Kadence’s Boston office, to talk about the results from a recent survey aimed to understand cannabis consumers better.

Kristina Etter   |   Oct 09, 2018

Seniors Signal Shift in Cannabis Market

As the cannabis industry matures, so is its clientele. While the consumer demographic is still slightly skewed towards the twenty-somethings, an influx of baby boomers could be changing the cannabis landscape.

Genifer Murray   |   Oct 09, 2018

ATACH – Lobbying for Legalization

In this week’s episode of Cultivate, Genifer Murray speaks with Michael Bronstein, Co-Founder, and Lead Consultant for the American Trade Association for Cannabis and Hemp (ATACH).

Dr S Prem Mathi Maran   |   Oct 05, 2018

Efficient Cryogenic Method of Extracting Total Cannabinoids Using an Integrated Extractor

Plant extraction, practiced for centuries, removes impurities and separates particular elements from plants.

AI Vacuum   |   Oct 03, 2018

A Glass Reactor Offers Many Advantages to Processing Cannabis Oil

By Streamlining the Pesticide Remediation Process Cannabis Producers Achieve a Superior Product

Adele Worsley   |   Sep 30, 2018

Alvit Pharma: Progress in Pharma-Grade Cannabis Products

Yona Levy is the CEO of Alvit Pharma, an Israeli-based company specializing in the development of pharma-grade cannabis products. With over 20 years of experience in business management and investment banking, Levy has brought his skills to the cannabis industry, and with the team at Alvit, they aim to lead the world in the standardization, optimization, and delivery of products alternative to smoking medicinal cannabis.

Kristina Etter   |   Sep 28, 2018

Cannabinoid Extract Purification with FCPC

Dr. Nikos Xynos, from Rousselet Robatel Kromaton in France, sits down with Ellis Smith to discuss the next phase in cannabis and hemp extraction & purification processes.

Jessica McKeil   |   Sep 25, 2018

A New Frontier: Canadians in Cannabis at the Border

Conflicting federal laws are proving to be a nightmare for many professionals in the Cannabis Industry.

Jessica McKeil   |   Sep 23, 2018

With Legalization Looming, Police Face Challenges Measuring Cannabis Impairment

With legalization advancing in Canada, municipal police forces prepare for an anticipated increase of drugged driving incidents.

Kristina Etter   |   Sep 21, 2018

The Cannabis Industry’s First Patent Collective

Growing pains are developing in the cannabis industry as genetic code, and proprietary processes start to become patent-protected. CannabisTech spoke to Stephen Martin at The Gene Pool this week to discuss the future of cannabis patents.

Kristina Etter   |   Sep 20, 2018

Cannabis Technology Provides Improved Patient Data

While many cannabis-related applications and innovations are in startup phases, the ReleafApp is providing valuable, real-world patient data to researchers at the University of New Mexico.

Kristina Etter   |   Sep 18, 2018

Harnessing Consumer Influence with Best in Grow

Best in Grow combines crowd-sourced data with invaluable business tools to empower your budtenders and delight your customers.

Kristina Etter   |   Sep 14, 2018

AI and Machine Learning for Accurate Predictive Analysis

This week, CannabisTech took the opportunity to speak with Ally Monk, CEO of MotorLeaf, about this crystal ball technology designed for tomatoes, cannabis, and anything else produced under the sun… (or grow lights).

Editorial Team   |   Sep 08, 2018

What Does Hemp Biomass Actually Mean?

A veteran executive of both the biomass and hemp industry blasted the use of the term “biomass” by the nescient hemp industry during an interview with Cannabis Tech Media.

Alexander Makowski   |   Aug 30, 2018

The Importance of Process Engineering

“An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure” – Benjamin Franklin

Kristina Etter   |   Aug 30, 2018

Leveraging IPM to Grow a Safe, Compliant, and High-Yielding Cannabis Crop

Pest control is a significant concern in the cannabis industry and not all pest solutions are created equally. In this webcast, Todd Statzer and Ellis Smith walk us through some of the critical factors to set up a successful IPM program.

Kristina Etter   |   Aug 27, 2018

The New Frontier – Transitioning to Cannabis

Learn why this is an industry where people of all walks of life can be utilized

Jessica McKeil   |   Aug 24, 2018

Cannabis Cultivation for the Space Age: Automated Crop Logistic and Robotics

Cannabis cultivation is permeated with technological innovations for a future that is closer than people think

Kristina Etter   |   Aug 21, 2018

GrowUp Hackathon – A Place Where Cannabis and Technology Bloom

Merging cannabis with coding, developers are converging in Toronto to meet the Trellis challenge and impress a panel of judges.