Jessica McKeil   |   5 days ago

Hazards of Drying Ovens and How to Prevent Catastrophe

The increase in drying ovens has also meant an increase in risk for the hemp processor.

Deborah Agboola   |   Nov 17, 2020

AI, Automation, and Robotics in Cannabis

Technology increases efficiency, but can technology go too far?

Karhlyle Fletcher   |   Nov 16, 2020

Delta-8 THC Jumps Thru Legal Loopholes

In the world of law and paper, semantics are king.

Jessica McKeil   |   Nov 13, 2020

Clinical Trial to Test Cannabis Impairment While Driving

The quest continues for accurate cannabis impairment tests.

Chad Walkaden   |   Nov 12, 2020

How Technology is Improving the Customer Experience at Dispensaries

Whether you want to retain a loyal customer in the recreational market, a medical patient, or to simply catch more of the curious newcomers, there is one area of your business that is most likely to determine if you can close the loop to retain the extremely valuable repeat customer.

Kristina Etter   |   Nov 10, 2020

The Problem with Packaging

Plastics continue to plague the world. Could biodegradable packaging curb a colossal problem?

Jessica McKeil   |   Nov 09, 2020

How Science is Enhancing Cannabis

From cultivation to the consumer, science continues to push cannabis to new highs.

Jessica Rosslee   |   Nov 06, 2020

Microwave Drying Technology for Cannabis & Hemp

Rapid drying speeds up processing time, but at what cost?

Karhlyle Fletcher   |   Nov 05, 2020

Follow the Data: The Cannabis Customer Base is Shifting

Research improving the cannabis image and attracting a new clientele.

Jessica McKeil   |   Nov 04, 2020

The Cult of Potency: The Erroneous Pursuit of THC

Is the quest for THC-rich cannabis worthwhile?

Kristina Etter   |   Nov 03, 2020

Energy Efficiency, Rebates, and Incentives for Cannabis Operations

Live webcast and panel discussion with Fluence by OSRAM, Friday, November 6th at 10am (MST).

Deborah Agboola   |   Nov 02, 2020

Methods and Effects of Curing Cannabis

Quality cannabis doesn't skip curing.

Angel LeBailly   |   Oct 30, 2020

Hemp Research Programs

Top programs at leading Institutes in the nation focus on hemp research.

Jessica Rosslee   |   Oct 29, 2020

Sustainable Solutions in Hemp: Biodegradable Face Masks

A French company offers another innovative use for hemp.

Kristina Etter   |   Oct 27, 2020

Ahead of the Curve: A Case Study in Sustainability

Solar Therapeutics made efficiency a priority from the onset.

Jessica McKeil   |   Oct 26, 2020

Altria Steps into the Cannabis Market

A predictable future comes to fruition.

Karhlyle Fletcher   |   Oct 23, 2020

Banks Require Transparency in Cannabis

Genifer Murray interviews Tyler Beuerlein with Hypur about banking in the cannabis industry.

Serge Chistov   |   Oct 22, 2020

A Look at Sustainability in the Cannabis Industry

Like all farmed crops, the question of the sustainability of cannabis growth operations is a valid one.

Kristina Etter   |   Oct 20, 2020

PanXchange Hemp Market Reports – October 2020

RJ Hopp from PanXchange discusses the state of the hemp industry for October 2020.

Kristina Etter   |   Oct 19, 2020

Virtual Job Fair Highlights Hiring Boom in Cannabis

Q & A with Karson Humiston from Vangst about jobs in cannabis.