Karhlyle Fletcher   |   3 days ago

Super Soils Save Money and See Super Harvests

The best technologies don't work against nature, but with it.

Karhlyle Fletcher   |   5 days ago

Water-Soluble THC: Faster to Activate, Cleaner

An interview with Stephen Goldner, CEO and Founder of Pure Green about fast-acting cannabinoid products.

Karhlyle Fletcher   |   about 6 days ago

What is Cannabinol (CBN)?

Cannabinol, another component in the entourage has potential in personalized medicines of the future.

Jessica McKeil   |   Dec 05, 2019

A Tech Moment with Marisa McRainey at Revolution Micro

We recently caught up with Marisa McRainey to talk about how she went from Hollywood makeup artist to owning Revolution Micro, a cannabis lighting and controls company.

Jessica McKeil   |   Dec 04, 2019

Vaping Crisis Study Launched by Abstrax Tech

Abstrax Tech, a researcher and producer of botanical and cannabis-derived aroma compounds, has launched itself into the recent vape crisis to help reduce a parallel crisis of misinformation.

ANGEL LEBAILLY   |   Dec 03, 2019

What is Aeroponic Cannabis Cultivation?

Growing cannabis out of thin air.

Jessica McKeil   |   Dec 02, 2019

Compliance Starts with Document Management

Quality control protocols, onboarding policies, standard operating procedures... Getting into the cannabis sector wasn't supposed to be about pushing paperwork; it was supposed to be about growing premium crops. How did it become a bureaucratic nightmare?

Karhlyle Fletcher   |   Dec 01, 2019

What is Cannabigerol (CBG)?

A little basic information about the mother of all cannabinoids.

RJ Hopp   |   Nov 30, 2019

PanXchange State of the Hemp Industry: November 2019

PanXchange releases industry market reports for the month of November.

Karhlyle Fletcher   |   Nov 29, 2019

The World’s Largest Observational Study of Medical Cannabis

At a moment in time when people are physically connected to technology at all times through smart devices, methods for collecting and analyzing data are bringing real-world research to cannabis consumption.

Jessica McKeil   |   Nov 27, 2019

Elegant Technology Brings Cannabis Safety Home

KEEP uses innovative, sleek consumer technology to promote safe cannabis storage.

Kristina Etter   |   Nov 26, 2019

THC Detection that Goes Beyond Law Enforcement

While the media tends to focus on THC detection technology in law enforcement initiatives, one team of researchers from the University of Texas at Dallas understands the scope is much larger.

Karhlyle Fletcher   |   Nov 25, 2019

Acing the CoA: Remediation for Contaminated Crops

All hope may not be lost. New remediation technologies may prevent loss from contamination.

Zoe Biehl   |   Nov 22, 2019

Can DNA Tests Determine Cannabis Compatibility?

It turns out that the increasingly popular at-home DNA test kits aren’t just being used for learning about heritage anymore. Now several companies claim they can use DNA data to pair personalized cannabis strain recommendations to each individual.

Victoria Berman   |   Nov 21, 2019

Precision Extraction Ultimate Guide: Hemp & Cannabis Extraction Equipment

CBD gained overwhelming popularity over the past few years as a direct result of its numerous applications. As CBD continues to grow in market share, it is also quietly ushering in cannabis acceptance and normalization.

Karhlyle Fletcher   |   Nov 19, 2019

Cannabis Isolates Expand the Market and the Research

While CBD products are wildly popular and widely marketed, most of these products are often not just CBD. Rather, they are full or broad-spectrum products which contain THC and other minor cannabinoids and compounds.

Kristina Etter   |   Nov 18, 2019

Paragon Processing Provides Crop-Saving Services for Hemp Farmers

Paragon Processing continues to innovate solutions to help hemp farmers across the nation from losing valuable biomass.

Karhlyle Fletcher   |   Nov 15, 2019

Hemp and Energy

The reliance on fossil fuels forces dependence on countries such as Canada or Saudi Arabia and encourages the world to risk ruining entire environments in pursuit of energy. Modern society is accustomed to constant, always-available energy. Since there is no going back from modernity, one must mitigate the damages instead of trying to remove them entirely.

Karhlyle Fletcher   |   Nov 14, 2019

Comparing Cultivation Methods

As cannabis is an ancient crop cultivated by humans thousands of years ago, there are a variety of options to choose between while growing it. Discovering which one is right for you depends on location, personal history, and time available to maintain the grow. 

Kristina Etter   |   Nov 13, 2019

What is Delta-8 Tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ8-THC)?

A growing body of research and the proliferation of information are some of the most beneficial aspects of the legal cannabis movement and the age of information. While cannabinoid education is a new territory for the average consumer, research began decades ago.