Industry Articles   |   Jul 29, 2022

Sound Science & Transparency for the CBD Industry

An interview with Dr. Allison Justice, Founder of the Hemp Mine.

Kristina Etter   |   Jul 28, 2022

Infiltrating Oklahoma Cannabis with Hollywood Undead & Ramshead

Jorel Decker, vocalist for Hollywood Undead, and his business partner, Richard Yarber, join this week’s podcast to talk about Ramshead and Oklahoma Cannabis.

Casia Lanier   |   Jul 27, 2022

A New World of Labeling Cannabis: Say Good-Bye to Indica & Sativa

Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid labels are becoming outdated. The science paints a more complex and diverse world of cannabis highs and market opportunities.

Amanda Stern   |   Jul 22, 2022

The Latest in Cannabis Extraction Technology

New tech for the extraction lab has the potential to start a green revolution in cannabis oil production.

Casia Lanier   |   Jul 21, 2022

Bill to Lift FCC Ban: Is the US Ready for Cannabis Ads?

Producers, advertisers, and consumers prepare to take advantage of cannabis ads if Congress greenlights a House Bill to lift the FCC’s ban on cannabis advertising in states where cannabis is legalized for adult use.

Casia Lanier   |   Jul 19, 2022

Natural Disasters: How to Prepare Your Grow for a Power Outage

Extreme weather events and power outages are becoming the new normal, and cannabis operations are suffering the consequences. But here’s what growers can do their crops climate-resilient against natural disasters and energy scarcity.

Karhlyle Fletcher   |   Jul 16, 2022

Is Hemp-Derived Delta 9 THC the Answer to Synthetic THCs?

A hemp industry legal loophole provides an opportunity for the legal production of Delta-9 products, and producers have noticed.

Casia Lanier   |   Jul 15, 2022

Heat-Not-Burn: The FDA-Backed Technology Coming to Cannabis

Consumers are getting smarter about healthier smoking options; companies are responding with new technologies for safer products.

Kristina Etter   |   Jul 11, 2022

Pre-Roll Packaging Machine Packs to Perfection

Packaging cannabis pre-rolls for the commercial market takes a delicate balance between innovation and experience.

Casia Lanier   |   Jul 08, 2022

Hemp Technology: The Future of Food Waste Prevention

Food waste is a big problem. Hemp by-products offer an easy, affordable, and scalable variety of solutions.

Casia Lanier   |   Jul 07, 2022

Microdosing Cannabis & Psychedelics: A New Approach to Mental Health

From LSD to CBD, microdosing technology and legislation are making psychedelic drug therapies more accessible to mental health patients. And 21st-century companies are leading the destigmatization of hallucinogenics.

Casia Lanier   |   Jul 06, 2022

The Future of Medical Cannabis: Molecular Tagging and Blockchain Technology

The demand for medical cannabis is blooming, but producers can’t always ensure quality and profile consistency across grows and batches. Molecular tagging and blockchain have the answer.

Kristina Etter   |   Jul 01, 2022

Addressing Hemp Regulations and Ethics in Delta-8 THC Production

The courts have deemed Delta-8 THC legal, but just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

Angel LeBailly   |   Jun 29, 2022

Can AI Technology Elevate M&A Deals in the Cannabis Industry?

AI – alongside blockchain – is the newest innovation that helps M&A in the cannabis business.

Kristina Etter   |   Jun 27, 2022

Music & Cannabis – Blending Cultural Crossroads to Help De-Stigmatize Cannabis

In the small mountain town of Salida, Colorado, cannabis mogul, cultural icon, and music legend, Willie Nelson, is joining forces with Long Play to highlight the crossroads between music and cannabis.

Casia Lanier   |   Jun 24, 2022

A Compliance Expert’s Guide on How to Prevent Contamination

Cannabis compliance expert, Kim Stuck, reveals what growers and government can do to prevent and mitigate contamination in cannabis facilities and products.

Industry Articles   |   Jun 22, 2022

How to Prevent Bud Rot Using Dehumidifiers

Bud rot, which develops under humid conditions, is a prevalent fungal disease.

Kristina Etter   |   Jun 21, 2022

Metaverse and Marijuana: A Bold, New Frontier

Driven by grief, fueled by passion, and powered by technology, Golden Ark offers the cannabis industry a look into the future.

Casia Lanier   |   Jun 17, 2022

What are the Best Extraction Methods to Maximize Cannabis Concentrate Yields?

The debate over the most efficient extraction methods comes from two major market factors: consumer and product.

Casia Lanier   |   Jun 16, 2022

Dialing in Dosing & Delivery

Q&A with Dr. Kyle Hammerick from Escape Artists about the roadmap to standardized product efficacy and pharmaceutical parallels in cannabis.